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When problems arise, we often get busy pointing outward, when the situation is really inward. For those who want to move beyond what triggers or limits them, we create a space so that new awareness can occur.

We all have our complexities. Often, the way forward is blocked by a negative situation... some form of trauma, social filters or experience that lead us to hold on to perceptions that do not serve us.

An integrative approach allows you to create the greatest change in the shortest amount of time. When combined tools such as Life Counseling, Hypnotherapy, RoHun Psychology and Bars, we dismantle the mental and emotional restraints allowing for transformation and freedom to occur.

I hold a PhD in RoHun Transpersonal Psychology from Delphi University, and I am a board-certified Hypnotherapist, certified NLP and an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. I have held hundreds of personal consultations and sessions over the last 15 years.

Healing allows you to create space to receive. A new level of awareness is realized allowing for more joy, love, wellbeing, abundance to enter in.

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